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Damn, these prices are pretty decent. $300 a month gets you 24/7 access, conference rooms. That's their full time and equivalent to Tigerlabs' $200/month associate member. And their full time member equivalent that's$325 at Tigerlabs, is $100 added on to their full time plan. So $400 a month for dedicated desk, lockers, signage of packages (which would come with the associate member plan at Tigerlabs). But only being $75 more and being in downtown Philly - def a good deal. And since I'm barely at home, could easily crash at someone's Philly place and only be there 2 hours a day avg - rest of the time, here or another coworking spot. Someone mentioned Independence Hall in Philly for coworking #coworking #philadelphia #local #tigerlabs #discounts #deals #pricing #pub
Ah interesting, they have a "commmunity membership" that's $20/month or $200/yr that includes perks of being part of the community, events, "activites" and "field trips". But it's included with any of the monthly subscriptions. And their lowest membership that is just 1 day a month coworking is $30/month, but includes the community membership. Really wish they were weekends. Would make more sense then to drop by Gary's or someone else's more often and go in to Indy Hall on some Friday's. $120/month gets you 6 days a month. Could do the $30/month, come in 1 or 2 times a month and go to Benjamin's Desk 1 or 2 times a month if this became a regular thing. #coworking #local #philadelphia #pricing #pages #pub
They seem to be chiller/"indie" and community oriented than Tigerlabs or Benjamin's Desk. And their price is reasonable, $300 a month for dedicated desk and 5 days a week. But not sure if they are 24/7 ever. And they don't seem to do weekends? Makes it a lot weaker :/ Yep, not 24/7 or weekends it seems...9-6 weekdays. #coworking #local #philadelphia #pub