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“Scan anywhere, no computer required.” - Doxie promotion #product #interesting #scanner #fancy #technology #pub
"We created Smarterer to provide people a simple, fun, and authentic way to show what they know. Smarterer is a platform designed to score individuals on any and every digital, social, and technical skill under the sun. Using crowdsourced test design and a scoring mechanism similar to the one developed to rank chess masters, in just 10 questions and 60 seconds we can give you a valid score." #gamification #geeky #fun #tests #development #teaching #technology #pub
"Flutter is Kinect for OS X. ***NEW: We've just added support for YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, and Grooveshark in Chrome. Now you can select your preferred app from Flutter menu in Top Meun Bar.*** It uses HAND GESTURES detected via built-in webcam in your device to play, pause and skip songs & videos in iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, MPlayerX (most recent version), VLC (more recent version), Ecoute, Quicktime, Keynote, YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, and Grooveshark. - Play/Pause your music & videos using simple hand gestures (palm gesture) - Go to Next Song (thumbs right) or rewind to Previous Song (thumbs left) (Note: First thumbs left gesture takes you to beginning of song. Another thumbs left performed quickly jumps to the previous song) - Works via your webcam -- no additional hardware necessary - Works best from 1-6 feet distance from webcam - Works even when Spotify, iTunes, Rdio, and other apps are playing music/video in the background or are minimized In case of App Crash, please write to us at [email protected] Coming Soon - Volume Gestures! - Additional gestures in the work: Like Songs, Mute, Volume Control Enabled Apps: Spotify, iTunes, Rdio, MPlayerX (most recent version), Quicktime, VLC (more recent version), Ecoute, Keynote, YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, and Grooveshark!" #Software #webcam #technology #quirky #unique #kinect #pub
Neo smartpen a digital pen that writes on paper but also mirrors into smart devices. iOS, Android, Windows compatible. #!TO_TAG #technology #products #toread #pub
200 comments about an article about self driving trucks. Discussions are about tech, future, and automatic cars in general. #discussions #automatic_vehicles #future #technology #innovation #personal #research #pub