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"1. Add #mom to your check in Or, we'll remind you at likely places! 2. She gets an automated call or text" _Powered by Twilio_ #quirky #funny #linkbait #automated #API #foursquare #social_media #twilio #pub
"Flutter is Kinect for OS X. ***NEW: We've just added support for YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, and Grooveshark in Chrome. Now you can select your preferred app from Flutter menu in Top Meun Bar.*** It uses HAND GESTURES detected via built-in webcam in your device to play, pause and skip songs & videos in iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, MPlayerX (most recent version), VLC (more recent version), Ecoute, Quicktime, Keynote, YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, and Grooveshark. - Play/Pause your music & videos using simple hand gestures (palm gesture) - Go to Next Song (thumbs right) or rewind to Previous Song (thumbs left) (Note: First thumbs left gesture takes you to beginning of song. Another thumbs left performed quickly jumps to the previous song) - Works via your webcam -- no additional hardware necessary - Works best from 1-6 feet distance from webcam - Works even when Spotify, iTunes, Rdio, and other apps are playing music/video in the background or are minimized In case of App Crash, please write to us at [email protected] Coming Soon - Volume Gestures! - Additional gestures in the work: Like Songs, Mute, Volume Control Enabled Apps: Spotify, iTunes, Rdio, MPlayerX (most recent version), Quicktime, VLC (more recent version), Ecoute, Keynote, YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, and Grooveshark!" #Software #webcam #technology #quirky #unique #kinect #pub
"Consider actress Anna Kendrick, who has publicly bemoaned the effect of RBF on her life. “When she was younger, directors would say, ‘Why don’t you smile more, you need to smile more, you don’t seem like you’re very happy,’” Macbeth said. “That’s something that’s expected from women far more than it’s expected from men, and there’s a lot of anecdotal articles and scientific literature on that. So RBF isn’t necessarily something that occurs more in women, but we’re more attuned to notice it in women because women have more pressure on them to be happy and smiley and to get along with others.” #gender_equality #gender_roles #interesting #quirky #sociology #society #culture #norms #pub
Mentorship, collaboration, and a global like-minded community of multipotentialites are just a click away in the Puttytribe. #communities #quirky #cheapish #paid #recommendations_from_trusted #pub