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"#4: My hack to visit Facebook only once a day Only once a day. I changed my password to something long and random, and I made a program that will store it, and only give it to you once a day. Here's how it works: Set your password The program will encrypt it and store to the disk (~/.once) If you ask for the password, it'll copy it to the clipboard (But only once a day!) You log in to Facebook, use it, then log out. Of course there are ways to go around this, but for me, it's just not worth the effort. So this solution works pretty great. Question for you: If you use Mac, would you buy an app to manage this process? It would handle multiple websites, and you could set how many times a day you can use the website... It would be priced at $2.99." "(Clipboard works only on a Mac, but feel free to fork.)" #discipline #moderation #distractions #code #scripts #python #remove_temptations #work_ethics #pub