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"#4: My hack to visit Facebook only once a day Only once a day. I changed my password to something long and random, and I made a program that will store it, and only give it to you once a day. Here's how it works: Set your password The program will encrypt it and store to the disk (~/.once) If you ask for the password, it'll copy it to the clipboard (But only once a day!) You log in to Facebook, use it, then log out. Of course there are ways to go around this, but for me, it's just not worth the effort. So this solution works pretty great. Question for you: If you use Mac, would you buy an app to manage this process? It would handle multiple websites, and you could set how many times a day you can use the website... It would be priced at $2.99." "(Clipboard works only on a Mac, but feel free to fork.)" #discipline #moderation #distractions #code #scripts #python #remove_temptations #work_ethics #pub
"This Python script helps to add items to OS X's TCC.db sqlite database, which is useful in a distributed Apple-centric environment where a blanket TCC file would not work properly." "Apple's OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion" introduced a feature which notifies users whenever an application attempts to gain access to their contacts (address book) or their computer's "Accessibility" options (such as screen overlays). Whenever a user responds to one of these prompts, the computer stores the answer in an sqlite3 databased called "TCC.db". In a single-user environment, this is usually a perfectly suitable solution without problems. However, this system causes issues in distributed environments where applications may be added or removed at any time and the database file would need to be updated. Constantly having to update this file for the template user would be tedious and could cause errors (what if you forgot to add one of the other applications?). This script allows for applications to programmatically be added to the TCC database during our regular maintenance cycle. In our environment, it's integrated in such a way that adding an entry to the TCC.db database is no more difficult than adding a single line of text to our files, which is significantly simpler than rebuilding the entire database file and uploading it to our main image server." #scripts #cli #useful #open_source #python #automation #mac #pub
"A Python script to enable or disable the Location Services feature in Apple's Mac OS X, and then to add or remove applications to it manually. Tested on OS X 10.9." -- "Location Services is (usually) entirely autonomous. It runs in the background via the low-key locationd process, waiting for an application to ask you for permission to report your physical location in the world to whatever service it is communicating with. This can be used by many things, such as when you access Google Maps in your favorite web browser (the browser requests permission), or if you pop open the Apple Maps dedicated application in OS X. In the environment I help manage, though, we need a more hands-on method of interacting with this usually hidden system. If we wait for our users to try to access any of these services, we'll waste time running to their office just to enter an administrative password to grant them access - access that will just be removed the next time they update their computer through our system. Instead, we wanted a more proactive approach. This Python script provides an easy method of directly interfacing with the Location Services preferences. Applications can easily be added, removed, enabled, or disabled, and the Location Services daemon can also be enabled or disabled globally in a single line!" #scripts #cli #useful #open_source #python #automation #mac #pub
"What this gives you: Homebrew (OSX only) Ruby 2.1.0 latest patch level (installed to /usr/local/bin/ruby) or RVM running 2.1.0 latest patch level libs needed to run Rails (sqlite, mysql, etc) Bundler, Passenger, and Rails gems Git" #nix #linux #ruby #rails #web_servers #helpful #convenient #recipes #scripts #sysadmin #from #delicious #pub