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"A Python script to enable or disable the Location Services feature in Apple's Mac OS X, and then to add or remove applications to it manually. Tested on OS X 10.9." -- "Location Services is (usually) entirely autonomous. It runs in the background via the low-key locationd process, waiting for an application to ask you for permission to report your physical location in the world to whatever service it is communicating with. This can be used by many things, such as when you access Google Maps in your favorite web browser (the browser requests permission), or if you pop open the Apple Maps dedicated application in OS X. In the environment I help manage, though, we need a more hands-on method of interacting with this usually hidden system. If we wait for our users to try to access any of these services, we'll waste time running to their office just to enter an administrative password to grant them access - access that will just be removed the next time they update their computer through our system. Instead, we wanted a more proactive approach. This Python script provides an easy method of directly interfacing with the Location Services preferences. Applications can easily be added, removed, enabled, or disabled, and the Location Services daemon can also be enabled or disabled globally in a single line!" #scripts #cli #useful #open_source #python #automation #mac #pub