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"This Python script helps to add items to OS X's TCC.db sqlite database, which is useful in a distributed Apple-centric environment where a blanket TCC file would not work properly." "Apple's OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion" introduced a feature which notifies users whenever an application attempts to gain access to their contacts (address book) or their computer's "Accessibility" options (such as screen overlays). Whenever a user responds to one of these prompts, the computer stores the answer in an sqlite3 databased called "TCC.db". In a single-user environment, this is usually a perfectly suitable solution without problems. However, this system causes issues in distributed environments where applications may be added or removed at any time and the database file would need to be updated. Constantly having to update this file for the template user would be tedious and could cause errors (what if you forgot to add one of the other applications?). This script allows for applications to programmatically be added to the TCC database during our regular maintenance cycle. In our environment, it's integrated in such a way that adding an entry to the TCC.db database is no more difficult than adding a single line of text to our files, which is significantly simpler than rebuilding the entire database file and uploading it to our main image server." #scripts #cli #useful #open_source #python #automation #mac #pub