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"While few people deny the benefits of test automation, comprehensive automated testing via UI (browser for web applications) is rarely implemented in software projects. Common reasons for projects' failed attempts on test automation are: Difficult to learn - test scripts are complex and testing tools are not easy to use Hard to maintain - UI tests are vulnerable to application changes Long feedback loop - automated tests take too long to run To succeed in automated testing via UI, software projects need to overcome all these 3 chellenges. This book (7 free chapters) presents a practical approach to implementing test automation for web applications. Topics include: Developing easy to read and maintain Watir/Selenium tests using next-generation functional testing tool Page object model Functional Testing Refactorings Cross-browser testing against IE, Firefox and Chrome Setting up continuous testing server to manage execution of a large number of automated UI tests Requirement traceability matrix Strategies on team collaboration and test automation adoption in projects and organizations To help readers learn more effectively, the book has a dedicated site containing the following resources:" #Watir #ebooks #paid #@to_get #web_automation #testing #pub