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Urban Dictionary: fuck boi is basically the same, fam.

fuck boy bookmark right before this was the trending one. This wasn't. So just copy pasting the other bookmark:

why is this at the top of trending words at urban dictionary, still, 2015-12? Not "irked" or whatevz keke cause of assuming or caring if people don't know of the term yet, but because the term is still being used so much. When it clearly shouldn't (same as negative portrayals of any gender/agender/whatevz). Not noice :(

Classic. But mainly I have found it weird that some IG or Twitter accounts with millions of followers that both apps/sites routinely recommend to me to follow that point out "pro-feminist" stuff or shitty stuff guys say or do like hitting on chicks crudely, will use fuck boy/boi so liberally. #definitions #phrases #terms #modern_era_web_2.0_mobile #butthurt #lol #perspective #PC #PC_Bro #personal #pub