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"My Tiny Habits™ program can create new behaviors in your life. Let me explain . . . I’ve studied human behavior for 18 years, mostly at Stanford University. Here’s what I’ve learned: Only three things will change behavior in the long term. Option A. Have an epiphany Option B. Change your environment (what surrounds you) Option C. Take baby steps Creating an epiphany is difficult. You should rule out Option A unless you have mystical powers (I don’t). But here’s the good news: The other two options are practical. And they can lead to lasting change if you follow the right program. However, few winning programs exist. In December of 2011, I created a new way to tap the power of environment and baby steps. Over 14,700 people have since joined in. The results are the best I’ve ever seen in any program. My method is surprisingly simple, but the impact is big. See what people say. I invite you to join a future session of Tiny Habits. Go here --> --BJ" "BJ Fogg, PhD Director, Persuasive Tech Lab Stanford University" #habits #@to_do #@to_use #small_steps #psychology #behavior #inspirational #pub
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