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Ruby 2.2.0 Released
Just seeing the timeline for Ruby 2.2 release as in late 2015-12, Ruby-2.3.0preview1 and for over a week, Ruby-2.3.0preview2 have been out :).

Timeline for Ruby-2.2 release via official blog news entries began with Ruby-2.2.0-preview1 on 2014-09-18 to Ruby 2.2.0 on 2014-12-25. 14 weeks between the two. Though the RC1 was out 13 weeks after preview1. Then the first minor release was 2.2.1 was out on 2015-03-03, 9.5 weeks after the first stable release. Ruby blog likes to call minor releases "TEENY version release of the stable X.Y series". This was indeed just bug fixes and a security fix maybe.

Complete timeline from the official blog:

2015-03-03 - Ruby 2.2.1 Released

2014-12-25 - Ruby 2.2.0 Released

2014-12-18 - Ruby 2.2.0-rc1 Released
"We are pleased to announce the release of Ruby 2.2.0-rc1. After RC1, all changes will be limited to bug fix only. The final release of Ruby 2.2.0 is scheduled on December 25, 2014."

2014-11-28 - Ruby 2.2.0-preview2 Released

2014-09-18 - Ruby 2.2.0-preview1 Released #ruby #geeky #releases #release_notes #trends #dates #data #pub
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