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" Price Tracker As an avid shopper on, you might have noticed that their prices fluctuate over time, especially before, during and after the holidays. Instead of manually tracking Amazon prices, let Price Tracker do the work for you and watch prices over time. Key Features: Fetches current prices from the Amazon (US) store Price graph over time Detailed price history Price threshold with notifications via OS X notification center Automatically refreshes prices every 24 hours. Export to Excel" #Amazon #open_source #Mac #apps #tracking #prices #products #pub
Whether you need to call internationally from the U.S. or abroad, AT&T World offers cost-effective passport packages to meet your needs.

Crazy pricing for Att international when pay-per-use and overall what they "offer" (hard to get it working apparently...) They are calling it Passport. HAHAHA. Canada cell data pay as you go is "$0.015/KB ($15.36/MB)5". $15 per MB. HAHAHA soo dumb. It is at least 50x more than anything reasonable whatsoever. Since $15 for 50MB wouldn't be bad for them and not that bad for people. Any video playing or video chatting would still kill you if you didn't stop it immediately, as well as high-res images, but, still okay. #prices #travelling #mobile_devices #mobile_world #mobile_internet #telecoms #personal #pub
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