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Seething with anger at this depiction of their ' I'll copy/paste eblume's sole comment for the Hacker News thread: "It seems like the article is reporting that 'the nerds of Silicon Valley are all upset' that rich people are getting rewarded for success in a meritocracy." "First, where are these meetings I've been missing where all the nerds of Silicon Valley get together and decide what they like and what they don't like? I for one did not vote on the Meritocracy Referendum - was this my mistake, or were other nerds disenfranchised in that regional election?" "Put it another way - the youngest generation of rich entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley are the children of successful hackers (or at least some of them are)." #elitism #fuckyou #hypocrisy #meritocracy #disingenuous #web2.0 #silicon #valley #pub
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