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The blog post that properly initiated Merlin Mann's shifting of gears from the bullshit of 'lifehacks' and 'motivation'. Thank you. #hypocrisy #spambutnotspam #fuckyou #pub
Seething with anger at this depiction of their ' I'll copy/paste eblume's sole comment for the Hacker News thread: "It seems like the article is reporting that 'the nerds of Silicon Valley are all upset' that rich people are getting rewarded for success in a meritocracy." "First, where are these meetings I've been missing where all the nerds of Silicon Valley get together and decide what they like and what they don't like? I for one did not vote on the Meritocracy Referendum - was this my mistake, or were other nerds disenfranchised in that regional election?" "Put it another way - the youngest generation of rich entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley are the children of successful hackers (or at least some of them are)." #elitism #fuckyou #hypocrisy #meritocracy #disingenuous #web2.0 #silicon #valley #pub
He's not a stalker. He did a creepy thing. Calling him a stalker in not only the post, but the headline makes it even worse. He wasn't even trying to spy on Nancy at first. He came across her while he was doing something else. And to act like he might not be harmless because of just this one creepy instance? Really? I mean either say no one is ever harmless, or the paranoia if not anti-male rhetoric is high. Yes, he is harmless. He would never harm Nancy. The show clearly conveys that. It clearly shows he's creepy, but not someone who would ever assault a [wo]man for only his own benefit. #anti_feminism #bullshit #blog_posts #fuckyou #pub
why would republicans aka no tax party and no tax for rich party cap a rich person tax? if not to penalize democratic state...this piece seems to be a joke to leave that out #fuckyou #biased #status_quo #pub