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Adam Wheeler receives a year of jail because he cannot stop his "dishonesty" of saying he went to Harvard…even though he did. But because the courts say he can't profit from his story for 10/15 years or say he got a degree from Harvard, he has to go to jail. #bullshit #harvard #formal_education #elitism #class #social_classes #law #Horrible #pub
"You bring up a good point, but Costco, Sam's Club, and other similar outlets have to charge that yearly fee. I'd have to dig up the details, but charging that fee is a loophole they use in order to operate they way they do. But yes, ironically it's expensive to live a poor life :(" #poor #social_classes #unfair #pub
"Unfortunately, Costco's business model prohibits the poor from shopping there. They don't have the luxury to make large purchases on bulk items even if it means they end up spending more in the long run. It's the same principle as being able to pay $60 for a quality pair of sneakers that last you 3 years, as opposed to having to buy a crappy $30 pair of sneakers every year because it breaks down so quickly. Middle-class people have enough disposable income to do the former, and come out ahead 3 years later compared to someone poor who can't afford the $60 up-front and has to pay more over the course of 3 years. That shit adds up pretty badly. Which is really sad when you think about it. Being middle-class gives you more opportunities to save and get richer, whereas the poorer you are, the harder it is to get yourself out of poverty because you can't save jack shit." #poor #social_classes #unfair #pub
"its the same situation with the bus passes where i live. the poor individual living in the inner city who relies solely upon public transportation ends up paying full fare every ride, as the unlimited month to month passes are simply too expensive of a lump sum purchase." #unfair #social_classes #poor #pub
“If I were a black teenager, I would wear a white t-shirt and khaki shorts at all times, even if it’s winter,” said 34-year-old claims adjuster Nick Delmar…“What can I say other than it’s scary as all hell out there for you,” he added. “Good luck and godspeed.” #funny #Trayvon_Martin #status_quo #race_division #social_classes #pub
“I ask every American to respect the call for calm reflection from two parents who lost their young son,” said Obama in an address Sunday, sighing. “We are a nation of laws, and a jury has spoken.” #funny #Trayvon_Martin #status_quo #social_classes #race_division #justice_system #laws #disingenuous #pub