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"Teabag is a Javascript test runner built on top of Rails. It can run tests in the browser, or headlessly using PhantomJS or with Selenium WebDriver. It's objective is to be the simplest, while also being the most complete Javascript testing solution for Rails. It takes full advantage of the asset pipeline and ships with support for Jasmine, Mocha, QUnit, and (experiementally) Angular. Ok, another Javascript test runner, right? Really? Yeah, that's tough, but we're pretty confident Teabag is one of the nicest and most full featured you'll find at the moment. And if you disagree, let us know and we'll probably fix whatever it is that you didn't like. Feedback, ideas and pull requests are always welcome, or you can hit us up on Twitter @modeset_. If you'd like to use Teabag with Guard, check out the guard-teabag project." #github #repos #stars #Javascript #testing #headless #rails #ruby #phantomjs #webdrivers #pub
"For example, a star like the Sun is about a billion times as bright as the reflected light from any of the planets orbiting it. In addition to the intrinsic difficulty of detecting such a faint light source, the light from the parent star causes a glare that washes it out. For those reasons, very few of the extrasolar planets reported as of April 2014 have been observed directly, with even fewer being resolved from their host star." -- two interesting stats - Less than 5% have been discovered directly. It seems like more were discovered in 2014 than all previous years combined. #astronomy #interesting #science #%wiki #stars #solar_systems #pub