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"MOBILE TEAM MANAGEMENTDraft players, make trades, sign free agents, and set your line-up from the convenience of your phone. LIVE SCORING AND COMMENTARYWe ensure that you never miss a beat by providing live, curated commentary about the players on your roster. COMPETE WITH YOUR FRIENDSWith Fanium's easy league creation, you can leverage social media to invite friends and start drafting in no time." #mobile_apps #iOS #Android #startups #@Bharat #fantasy_sports #alternatives #mobile_only #interesting #pub
"Thanks to Qualcomm's pristine balance sheet with roughly $30 billion in net cash, very reliable free cash flow, and a solid multi-year path for growth, it has now become the world's most valuable semiconductor company, even with a revenue base that's just half of Intel's" ----- "..Patents Roughly two-thirds of Qualcomm's profits actually come from its wireless technology licensing business. This is a fabulously profitable business segment, as the company collects royalties on just about every 3G/4G device sold. Now, since the transition to 3G/4G is happening at a rather brisk pace...Qualcomm should see some very nice top and bottom-line growth in its QTL business segment. -- The remaining one-third of the company's profit base (but the vast majority of its revenue base) comes from chips. Think Snapdragon SoCs, Gobi modems, Atheros Wi-Fi, and various other wireless components. Qualcomm's business model works because it has a nearly inexhaustible source of income from its patent licensing business, meaning that the company can..aggressively invest in new areas of growth." ----- "Intel's operating profit comes from two divisions: the first is the PC client group, which consists of CPUs/SoCs/chipsets for notebooks, desktops, and high-end tablets, and the second is the data-center group, which consists of server CPU/chipset sales and other various data-center-oriented products...and, combined, they generate far more operating income than Qualcomm's businesses generate, but they're not as "safe" #semiconductors #tech #finances #stocks #@Bharat #pub
Steffen's method seems best and makes the most sense. Outside-in (window seat first, then middle, etc). But Steffen's method also accounts for having the non outside seat people to go by alternating rows. So people aren't sitting down in the same row or maybe even in the row closest to them. This way people don't have to wait on anyone who is putting their luggage up, etc #@luug #posted #@Bharat #pub
Not actually that bad. Median rent in NYC rose 75% from 2000 to 2012 while rest of America went up 44%. This is median rent we are talking, so really the rise isn't that big of a deal when you take out certain parts of Manhattan and the trendy Brooklyn neighborhoods bordering Manhattan. And for home owners, the prices doubled so benefits there. #@luug #posted #@Bharat #pub