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"Easy Editing With Soulver you write out your entire problem. If you make a mistake, just tap delete, no need to start from scratch. You can also use words alongside your numbers, so that they make sense. Big buttons, quick numbers Soulver has a special keyboard just for doing quick math. The buttons are large and pressable, and some of them reveal popups with additional functions. Tapping the func key takes you to another keyboard just for functions. Easy Percentages Doing percentages is easy with Soulver. It's great for working out sales tax and discounts. Just type naturally, for example $330 + 10%, $99.95 - 20%. Files & Dropbox Syncing Soulver is like Notes, and saves your work automatically into files. You can also sync files to Dropbox, and email out beautifully formatted emails of your work from inside Soulver. Instant Answers Soulver calculates instantly as you type. No need to tap equals. Multi-line calculations Do calculations over multiple lines, and even connect the lines together using line references. When one line changes, the other lines update. All the standard Functions Soulver has all the standard mathematical functions built in, which is great for trigonometry, for instance. Instant Totals Soulver adds all your lines as you type, so it's a great way to do quick totals. You can also view the average, variance and standard deviation of all your lines." #natural #mental_boners #apps #tools #Mac #iPhone #intuitive #geeky #calculators #price:$3 #calculations #pub
"Keeping a diary has never been so easy… With Momento in your pocket you can write your diary ‘on the go’, capturing moments whenever you find the time. A beautiful interface coupled with powerful tagging, makes it quick and easy to write about your day and browse moments from your past. Archive years of your online life in minutes Connect Momento with social networks, web services and apps to automatically fill your diary with your statuses, check-ins, photos, videos, activities and more. A fast, effective and effortless way to record and remember your life." "- Tweets from Twitter - Facebook Statuses - Facebook Check-ins - RSS/Atom Feeds - Flickr Photos - Instagram Photos - Foursquare Check-ins - Moves Activity & Places - Loved Tracks - YouTube Videos - Vimeo Videos" "Essential features - Tag people you meet - Tag places you visit - Tag memorable events - Create custom tags - Rate moments - Reminders - Attach photos - Fully searchable - Passcode protection - Landscape support - Backup & restore - Export data - Multiple feed accounts - Quick day navigation - Browsable links" #iOS #iPhone #mobile_apps #aggregation #journals #tracking #quantified_self #pub
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