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Watch HasanAbi's clip titled "Hasan: “Not counters to what I’m saying. You’re just vibing on the aesthetics, bro. on god fr fr”"

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"Why it matters: While the app does sell some ads, its business is practically non-existent.

Truth Social earned $3.4 million in revenue for the first nine months of 2023 and it lost around $49 million.

By comparison, Facebook (now Meta) earned $3.71 billion in revenue the year before it went public and was profitable.

Between the lines: Truth Social's user base is still very small, niche and not very global compared to its publicly traded social media rivals.

SimilarWeb estimates it had 5 million monthly website visits globally in February 2024 and roughly 1 million monthly active app users in the U.S.

The company has not reported the actual metrics, which is unusual for a social media company going public.

Facebook had 845 million monthly active users (MAU) at its IPO in 2012. Twitter (now X), had 215 million when it went public in 2013."

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60 seconds of Norman Finkelstein intentionally mispronouncing Destiny's name.Everything from Mr. Bineau to Mr. Borrelli to Mr. Morrelli to Mr. Binell. Every...

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Liked on YouTube. | Title: HasanAbi mocks frightened woman (real). | Description: Israel doesn't have the finest folks standing up to support them. Here we have a rare combination of hysterical, bloodthirsty, insane, incomprehensible and absolutely hilarious. This lady can only hurt support for Israel, more please!

0:00 A plea to Joe Biden

1:33 Floridian zionists hit differently

3:10 Ugly inside and out

4:16 A new way to say Hamas / Israeli image problem

5:43 She's shaking! / Vid is a 10/10 of crazy

7:05 Her family history of zionism / Post reply

8:08 Vid end / She made 2 versions

8:54 Israel doesn't have the best speaking up for them

9:43 Hollywood career boost for Israel support?

11:01 Celebrities & Israel / Israeli extradition laws

12:13 Shoula latex catsuit. Totally normal

@KrangTNelson post

Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears are accused of child abuse in a lawsuit article from NPR

Outro song: Faezaria - Hasan is Streaming (Acoustic Version)

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This is a fan channel and I am not Hasan Piker. Thanks for watching!

#HasanPiker #HasanAbi #politics #news #Israel #Gaza #Palestine #Biden #propaganda #Hollywood. | Published at: March 2, 2024 at 06:35PM.

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Liked on YouTube. | Title: What Is Going on in Germany?! | HasanAbi reacts to AFD's Remigration Plans. | Description: Far-right figures, including members of the AfD party, reportedly met in a Potsdam hotel to discuss a "remigration" plan allowing the deportation of ALL people in Germany that have a migration background. Austrian activist Martin Sellner presented the plan, targeting those deemed burdens on society, even including naturalized German citizens. The AfD had previously excluded German citizens from such plans. The meeting details are disputed among participants.

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#HasanAbi #HasanPiker #News #Politics #afd #germany #deutschland. | Published at: January 29, 2024 at 09:27AM.

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Gremloe has made nothing from Ground News so far. I could do a Zoomers thing and do a minimum gift subs per month. Like minimum of 15 a week which i'll do anyway with Pakistan stuff since i was always willing to do 5 gift subs a week myself.

Then more if more people visit and come more than 3 times across first few weeks. No hard rules or anything. This is mutual aid imo

#Zoomers #research #leftists #moi #leftist_content_creators #sponsorships #moi_chats #politics #ideas #mutual_aid

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Liked on YouTube. | Title: HasanAbi bridges the generational divide. | Description: Don't let fake generational divides or petty class categories distract you from the fact that anyone not born in the right place will only make it so far. Hard work counts for a lot but under capitalism most of it will benefit somebody else. There are still only peasants and kings.

0:00 Viral clip of Gen Z "not wanting to work"

1:28 Why are people mad at her? / Generations and class mysticism

2:18 Peasant brain / All generations are hurt by capitalism

4:23 Walmart gets welfare / Our taxes subsidize Walmart

5:36 Vid end / Work comments / Generational politics

6:50 College graduates & professionals are no better off

7:50 Gen X was the "Me me me" generation / It never changes

9:49 Worker goals vs owner goals / "Nobody wants to work anymore"

12:25 That saying is centuries old / Worship m'lord!

13:41 What holds it all together / Violence, religion & meritocracy

15:06 If meritocracy is real, what happened with Elon? / False hope

16:53 Probability over merit / Zip code is the greatest factor

18:15 Hard work is still necessary / Hasan skills (and lack of)

19:50 Early Hasan could barely speak off the cuff / Will Neff gifted af

21:57 Natural gifts are an advantage / Practice makes perfect

23:19 Understanding the meritocracy lie is important / Don't stop working

25:00 System is designed around a lie / Class awareness & solidarity

Walmart and McDonald’s have the most workers on food stamps and Medicaid, new study shows article from The Washington Post

Here is All You Need to Know About Walmart's Ownership Structure article from MSN


Outro song: Faezaria - Hasan is Streaming (Acoustic Version)

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This is a fan channel and I am not Hasan Piker. Thanks for watching!

#HasanPiker #HasanAbi #wages #work #politics #news #Walmart #GenZ #meritocracy. | Published at: January 11, 2024 at 07:21PM.

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